Berty the Colourful

A friendly gnome in a lovely world.


Cr:7; Size:S, Space: 5’, Type: Humanoid(Gnome)
Warlock 6/Acolyte of the Skin 1; HD 7d6~ + 35; HP: 64
Init: + 4; Spd: 20ft.
AC: 19, touch:15, flat-footed:15
Base attack + 4; Grapple: 0
Attack: + 9 Ranged Touch (3d6/x2, eldritch blast) or +2 melee (1d6/x2, morningstar)
Full Attack: + 9 Ranged Touch (3d6/x2, eldritch blast) or + 2 melee (1d6/x2, morningstar)
Special Attacks: Eldritch blast, Poison 1/day essences and shapes
Special Qualities: Non-combatant, Detect Magic, Acid/Fire resistance 3
Alignment: CN
Saves: +8/
6/+7, Conditional: +4 Fort vs Poison, +1 vs spells of good creatures
Abilities: Str:10, Dex:18, Con:20, Int:13, Wis:11, Char:15

Skills: Bluff + 9, Disguise + 9, Use Magic Device + 9, Knowledge(The Planes) +6, Spellcraft +2

Feats: Fiendish Heritage, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Fiendish Resistance

Possesions: Mithral Chain Vest, Morningstar, Backpack, Bedroll, Bell, Flint&Steel, Hammer, Manacles, Small Steel Mirror, Belt Pouch, Trail Rations x7, Signal Whistle, Sunrod x15, Replanishing Skin, Feather x4, Masterwork Hurdy Gerdy Doodle, Scroll of Prestidigitation x2, Scroll of Ghost Sound x6, Scroll of Dancing Lights, Wand “of fire???” 4d6 fire dmg. 39pp, 7gp, 5sp

Things picked up since beginning of adventure: Masterwork Hurdy Gurdy Doodle,

Total Weight: 49lb. Light Load:0-25lb. Medium Load:26-50lb. Heavy Load:50-75lb.

Invocations: Spiderwalk, Devil’s Sight, See the Unseen, Eldritch Chain

EXP: 25,221

Languages: Gnomish, Common, Draconic, Infernal


Berty the Colourful
Height: 3’ 1"
Weight Naked: 63 lbs
Weight with Gear: 112 lbs
Age: 102
Looks: With a mop of wild, unkept dark brown hair and bright green eyes, Berty is always ready for a wild time. His skin is tanned from the many wild and random adventures he’s had in the past couple years and his nails are kept at random lengths and sometimes even colours.
Personality: Quite the happy gnome, Berty tries to look on the bright side of things, including facing a horde of undead, a fleet of killer kraken and a Platoon of Myotis. Given that most of these things have never happened to him, it’s more than likely due to ignorance of how bad THOSE situations are, but he would never admit to that. Generally friendly to those around him, he is not afraid of hurting anyone if they get annoying, but he will usually warn the person first…. usually. If he has to kill, he will. Even if he is the only one who thought it was neccasary. (HE WAS EVIL!) He personally doesn’t care whether they’re evil or not, but evil is a good excuse to kill someone in his books, but so is being a reighteous prick…. coughpalacoughdincough If the person can be deemed useful or beneficial to keep alive, such as party members, then there’s no point in harming them. Berty sees that almost as self inflicting pain because it hurts him in the long run.

Berty the Colourful

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