Tag: Human


  • Katriona

    Katriona was found at the bottom of a pit early in the first floor, having broken her neck in the fall. She had also been peppered with darts, which was a likely cause leading up to her demise. An unfortunate end to the lady in red.

  • Malthus

    The rather gruff looking constable of the guard and militia in Iltandis sports a large greying mustache, wearing the traditional garb of the guards. His rank is distinguished by the golden badge over his heart, but he is identified easily without it by …

  • Tatalka Faro of Colas

    Tatalka is a Halberdier who has only recently finished his military training in Shynam. He prefers to keep his black hair short where possible, but it is only a mild preference. He is relatively tall for one coming from Shynam which, in combination with …