Exploring Dirio

Dirio Hiatus

Due to the long hiatus from Dirio, and the introduction of Schuler’s character (and the replacement of Danny’s), I have decided to start everyone back on the boats slightly before being sucked into the Vault. This will better accomodate the extensive editing I’ve done of the Vault. I warn you now that there is still a Guardian Dragon, and he is still too strong for you. Roleplay that out. After that things get more CR appropriate.

Furthermore, all character crunch information must be posted upon OP before the beginning of next session. Those wishing to include a brief description of their character will recieve 50 bonus XP. Background stories e-mailed to me will be judged and awarded 50, 100 or 200 XP based upon the quality and realism. Questions on specifics of Dirio can be e-mailed to me at any time or (preferably) communciated through a discussion thread on Facebook. Both bio and description ARE OPTIONAL.

Best of luck, and looking forward to getting started again! Alex

Out Done...for now

I swear I’ll get even with that halfling. >:(


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