Exploring Dirio

This place makes my head spin and my tummy hurt

(please note, Chance has the inattentive flaw and much of that is in his own mind. he is easily distracted by his own thoughts. this was written in an attempt to show that.)

After my amazing escape from that mean ship – and i mean the ship not the captain, she was rather nice. the stupid boat gave a me a number of splinters. – i awoke in a odd cavern. Once i got myself oriented and overcame the initial mouthwatering effect the massive gold piles around me i realized that there were other in the same place as me. It would be rude not to introduce myself to the others. I strode up to the first one i could see and gave my typical greeting even if it was a bit subdued due to my just have waking up.
The first thing i noticed is that he was blue. which was odd. People shouldn’t be blue. it was a bit odd but there were more introductions to be had so i moved on. Berty is neat but hes too squeaky sometimes. Bronx is a dwarf… I haven’t dealt with to many of them and his beard is almost as tall as me. He may be hiding something in there. I need to keep an eye on it to see if hes got anything valuable stuck up there. Tatalka… what to say about Tatalka. Hes a bit quiet and has a strange accent. Seems to have a good head on his shoulder.Which are really high off the ground… i wonder if he’d let me ride on them?

anyways Zavrith touched the gold and fell down and stayed there. there were a few gentle attempts to wake him the failed so i have him a a bit of a touch of luck and it woke him up pretty fast. I wonder if what colour blue skin turns when its bruised, ill have to investigate further. With no apparent doors i began to dig through the mounds and mounds of gold that would put me to sleep. I should have grabbed a piece for those nights where the thoughts in my head keep spinning till I get dizzy and cant fall asleep.

I’m not going back there though. Not with that great lizard blocking my path. I don’t even want to think about the itchy feeling he gave me when he looked into my brain. you ever had your brain itch? you cant get at it to scratch it and it gets really annoying. Plus the dragon smelled all burny. and not like a fire. it hurt my nose. definitely not going back there.

the next door spoke in circles and made us guess… the first one was obvios but the others were just silly and made my head hurt… next room please!

This was one of my favourites though. I call it hall way hopscotch. If you landed in the wrong spot you had to dodge a dangerous attack that would poison you. Devilish hopscotch! doesn’t it know it should be fun and not painful? But i came out for the better. I fell into a chasm and found a couple of dead bodies. They looked vaguely familiar but they didnt need their belongings anymore so i plundered their corpses. and made out like a bandit.

Then came the potion room. Lets not talk about the potion room. It made my tummy hurt real bad. dont drink those type of potions again.

then we came across the crazy palidin lady… i knew she was crazy a few moments after i saw her. I never let the energy for my Luck’s Razor leave my mind until we had to kill her. Zavrith and Tatalka argued about her helm. I think i may try and take it when we leave and see if i cant turn a profit.

Then there was the purple gnome. Whats up with running into all these oddly coloured people? oh well, i wonder if ill meet a green elf next. that would be cool. he’d blend in with the leaves. Oh! He’d be really hard to see. His family might think he was lost all the time. That would be very sad. I don’t want to meet a very sad green elf. a content one would do. Berty seemed distraught that he was dead. not that Berty was dead. Well of course Berty would be distraught if berty was dead… or wait… Berty would be dead so how could he be distraught… there were nothing shiney around him so i left him alone. i think Berty cried. if he keeps doing it ill have to cheer him up.

I don’t remember much after the Gnome except before the shifty tentacled kitty. I kinda got bored and forgot what happened

Now the Shifty Tentacled Kitty. And the corpses… there were a lot of them. it nearly killed someone else… though who it was escapes me. We killed it and moved on. nothing shiny on the corpses either… kind of a let down really. maybe i should have cut open the kitty to see if he swallowed anything of value. it looked like he ate the people pretty fast. so there may have been something in his belly. But that would have been gross. Maybe Berty would have don’t it for me? or Tatalka. Hes strong. I wonder if i can ride his shoulders. it would be like seeing the world from a new perspective. Like the mast of a ship. I liked the ships my Pa built. They weren’t mean and nasty like the last ship i rode on. It got really went and sinky. Pa would never build a ship like that.

Anyways all the bad stuff that happened to us got wiped away by a white room (correct me if im wrong alex)and we decended another set of stairs. Do we really want to go down?

To recap

Zavrith = blue and i wonder what colour his bruises are.
Tatalka = Quiet and i want to ride on his shoulders.
Bronx = Dwarf and may or may not be hiding something in his beard.
Berty = Squeaky and should become my minion. (everyone needs a minion and i hear gnomes make good ones)

Things to remember
Dont drink from the bottles
Get Berty to cut open the bellies of creatures to see if they ate anything shiny.
Avoid doors that talk cause they make my head hurt.
corpses are like treasure chests
Hopscotch can hurt
don’t touch unguarded piles of gold first.
Boats that sink are bad
Dragons make my nose hurt and my brain itch.



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