Exploring Dirio

The Vault: Salvation

I’m thrilled. Within the last few days my power has been growing exponentially. Not only am I becoming an increasingly powerful being, but I have beaten back some of the greatest and strongest figures of history. While they may have been kept limited, they were still of respective power to me and the others. It stands to reason then that as I continue to ascend I will continue to be more powerful, more tactful, and better equipped than the smartest minds of my age. After millenniums of preparing, Thalran the Black could not hold back my raw strength of magic, even including my domination of his thrall and personal body guard, a very useful Minotaur zombie. I am beginning to see what it is that Iss chose me for – though I will never consent to being his puppet. As a deliberate mark of that, I have singlehandedly guided the party I travel with to go out of our way (sometimes aggravatingly so) to be helpful and heroic to the shades of this floor.

The Community I have left in the care of Durina (and to a lesser extent, Icarus and Pathlus), to be advised by Talbot. Lucien’s life I managed to save, though he appears to have entered some kind of unreachable state. All that remains is to clear the remnants of Thalran’s minions, and deal with the fact that the Codex offers no salvation for the shades.



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