Exploring Dirio

Initial Encounters with Magic


This vault we are trapped in has used a variety of magics on me against which I have few defences. My comrades in Shynam often shunned magic as an unnecessary dependency and I shared at least some of that sentiment, but I now wonder at how difficult it is take this particular crutch away from those who would endeavour to harm me. Nothing comes to mind thus far aside from greater strength of will on my part and the peculiar character of those whom I have seen wield it.

Of the five of us, only I do not count magic amoung my strengths. The gnome and the halfling (Berty and Chance I believe) make use of their abilities with reckless abandon. The dwarf, Bronx, seems more calm and collected, though less outgoing as well. The shockingly pale blue man named Zavrith values the practical usage of whatever he comes across, seemingly independent of moral questions.

I do not wish to make any brash judgements, especially of other people. However, one question does begin to form and gain credence in my mind: Is the weakness of magic to be found in the character of those who use it? This is not an overly new question I am sure, and those back in Shynam would likely respond with a firm ‘yes’, but I will not let this cause me to overlook the question. Magic very much appears a tool that is relatively easy to earn and use without discipline.

Whether or not a lack of self discipline is the norm amoung magic users I cannot judge for certain. However, I have met one who seems to have prevented himself from becoming careless in his use of magic. If Zavrith were of a kinder nature, I would have one I could learn from about magic’s characteristics. As it stands, he is nothing short of dangerous.



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