Exploring Dirio


Well, after the glowing white room where i got all mendy,thanks to ZavZav. we went down the stairs. it was quite a ways. then we lost Berty. there were some hand things that grabbed at him. I call them things cause they weren’t attached to people, which is odd. because people have hands, and hands should have people, but these ones didn’t. anyways we tried to stop them but we couldn’t and berty was pulled into the rock. that one confused me to. Rock is hard… how did he go into it. i hafta get him to teach me how to go into rock, because i could do soo many thing with that power. i could… BECOME A STATUE! and be all spying on people.

i finally tuned back into what was happening around me and there were people mourning the loss of berty. the air felt heavy around be… and dark. and the best way to brighten up anything around me? JOKES!. so i told one, and i think my timing was perfect. they all chuckled even though Bronx didn’t seem to appreciate it.

We heard a yell from below, sounded like Squeaky (Berty). So we took off running. at the bottom we didn’t find Squeaky, but we found shinies. but these went the the shines on corpses. no no no. These were BIG shinies. It would take me and all my brothers to pull them out. they were a task for another day.

we met a man named Jarl? Jorn? Jerm? i can’t remeber, ill kall him….. Pointy. he had a sword, or at least something sharp that was made of metal. he called us true borns… which i thought was odd well at first. i mean its true that i was born. but so was everybody else… but it turns out that i was wrong. theres a whole bunch of people here that wern’t born. i think they were made, like a pot or a ship. but not out of wood. or clay… its confusing.

there was a bunch of people there. there were too many names to remember. i just remebr that there was a dark skinned lady, a man who turned into a wolf. a halfling or gnome or maybe a potted plant that had a neat hat that let him be whoever he wanted. that hat is much better than the helm that one that TallTallka and ZavZav were fighting over. and if i can, ill trade
something for it if i can. if not i may have to “liberate” it. the uses are too many for it to simply rot here.

anyways we were told that to continue onwards we had to defeat some other guy who wore black. i think. he has alot of stuff under his control but i think i can manage it. i mean, we, we can manage it. my ragtag group of followers would be lost without me.

OH! we found Mere Crest? Merecrest?. she was kinda scarred and a bit trixie but we got her to settle down. with the big tree that talked. oh and we cound a place full of grass. Bronx was all snuffly in the dirt. and when i tried to prod him into moving along He got all grumpy with me. were not going to get out if he keeps getting distracted by DIRT!. i mean its everywhere oin the surface. we just have to get there first. alogh the grassy place did have golden plaques out front, my attempts to pry them off didn’t work but scratching them did.

well with that endevour no longer a viable option i decided that heading to the bathes in an attempt to actually make progress was at hand, so we headed to the baths. with little trouble we cound the control room. all the levers and the switches and screens. it was like i was a small god of the baths. the levers offered up their secrets almost like the sea offering up fish. we boiled something that was kinda like a crab alive. it was AWESOME, also i liked the music. it was pretty calming… if you could get past all the screaming that is. with our loot in tow we made it back to the community alive, ready to set out again once we had recovered.

In recap.
ZavZav makes me mendy
TallTallka is Tall and i still want to ride his soulders.
squeaky is dead, i think.
Bronx likes to snuffle dirt.
Pointy had pointy parts that could be a weapon.

I like being the God of the Baths.
If we find Berty I need to learn how to become one with the stone.
We found a tree that could Talk.
Mere Crest is Trixie.
i found diagreaable gold.
annnnd lobster crab things that get boiled taste bad.



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