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Balance of Forces

I have yet to find a reliable means to resist the effects of magic. I have learned to attain a greater level of focus during combat through my experiences here in the vault, but I have not made serious use of it thus far, nor can I maintain such a high level of concentration for much more than a minute.

I think that I understand the utility, perhaps even the necessity, of magic better than I once did. Since our fight with the beast on the first floor, we have encountered other creatures with innate magical powers. I would prefer to rely on magical aids as little as possible, but perhaps magic is the best tool to fight such creatures. I cannot yet make a firm judgement. Bronx used some manner of enchantment to bolster my strength. While the enchantment was certainly helpful, I question its necessity. Could I not have prevailed on my own? Zavrith’s use of healing magic on all of us puts similar questions in my mind.

I know so very little about magic. If I were to learn more about it, I might then be better equipped to combat those who would use it against me. My options for teachers are rather few. Zavrith seems to be the most knowledgeable, but I remain suspicious of him. Bronx is rather strange and consequently unapproachable, Chance seems uncertain of his own abilities, and Bertie would not be any better, assuming we can resuce him.

I might ask Talbot if he would be willing to teach me. He seems a wise fellow. There is likely little time for him to teach me much, but any knowledge he could give would be of great use. In the morning I will explain my difficulty to him, and hopefully he will be able and willing to help me.



Balance of Forces

Oops, disregard.

Balance of Forces

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